Syllabus season inspo, Everyday Orientalism-style

Syllabus season inspo, Everyday Orientalism-style

by Katherine Blouin

It is that time of the year again. The time when we wonder in awe and despair where the hell our summer has gone; the time when we lament over our inability to meet our summer writing goals; the time when our mailbox slowly but surely starts to fill up at fast pace again; the time when, despite our bodies telling us that summer is still, after all, here for a little while, we urgently need to get ourselves into Fall term state of mind and, thus, put together some syllabi.

For all of you who are in syllabus mode, we at Everyday Orientalism have a little inspirational punch of pedagogical and syllabi-related posts to offer you. Take it as our summer farewell toast 🍹. And enjoy!


Alexandria’s corniche
  1. Teaching the Intersection Between Classics, Anthropology, and Colonialism
  2. Teaching the Ancient Mediterranean beyond the Classics: A Syllabus
  3. How to pimp your Classics & Ancient History syllabus: 10 back-to-school tips

Pedagogical material and reflections

The many faces of Cleopatra
  1. Public-Facing Scholarship: from the News to the Classroom
  2. Indigenizing Classics: A Teaching Guide
  3. Teaching Cleopatra: Six Classroom Activities
  4. Everyday Orientalism Quiz: Egypt in Tourist Guidebooks, 1847-2017
  5. The Ancient Mediterranean in 5 words or What difference does a course make?
  6. Exhibiting Antiquity beyond the clichés: An ancient historian’s dos and don’ts
  7. History is not a plant: Some thoughts on high school and undergraduate (ancient) history curricula

Classroom-friendly reading material

‘Queen of the Night’ (left) and other Old Babylonian reliefs, British Museum
  1. Culture and Orientalism in Language Instruction Books
  2. Decolonizing the Troubled Archive of Egyptian Papyri
  3. On the Whiteness of Anthropology
  4. Civilization: What’s up with that?
  5. Walk Like an Egyptian? How Modern Fashion Appropriates Antiquity
  6. Indiana Jones must retire: Archaeology, imperialism and fashion in the digital age
  7. I’m From Singapore & I Saw Crazy Rich Asians: What I Saw Was What I Did Not See
  8. “Infants in our Soul”: On (Ancient) History as Responsability
  9. Wonder how male & Eurocentric your Antiquity-related field is? Try the committee test!
  10. Same but not the same: White fantasies and (in)difference in the time of Trump
  11. Red Book, White Masks: British Pharaohs and the Nile Expedition
  12. Canadian mining and settler nationalism: legitimizing possession by erasing indigeneity behind the guise of modernity, expertise and benevolence
  13. Ancient History in the Age of Trump: Time for the Media to Update their Classics
  14. Judging a magazine by its cover or The social life of a thing, part I: The red veil
  15. “Social status of women is changing in Islam”: My conversation with a 1955 issue of LIFE magazine


Spiridione Rome, ‘The East Offering its Riches to Britannia’ (1778), formerly in the Revenue Committee Room of East India House, now in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London. Copyrights: The British Library Board (Foster 245)
  1. The Classics, (Post)Colonialism, and Reception Studies: An Interview with Phiroze Vasunia
  2. Well beyond Alexander: An interview with Pierre Briant – Part 1
  3. On Darius and the many Alexanders, on Polybius and Montesquieu, on Iran and India: An interview with Pierre Briant, Part 2

Happy start of term to all, and may the Muses be with you!

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