Month: May 2019

Indigenizing Classics: A Teaching Guide

Indigenizing Classics: A Teaching Guide

by Katherine Blouin, Aven McMaster, David Meban & Zachary Yuzwa "Indigenization is a process of naturalizing Indigenous knowledge systems and making them evident to transform spaces, places, and hearts. In the context of post-secondary education, this involves bringing Indigenous knowledge and approaches together with Western knowledge systems... Indigenization does not mean changing something Western into … Continue reading Indigenizing Classics: A Teaching Guide


Teaching Cleopatra: Six Classroom Activities

Rachel Mairs (Top left-bottom right: Yanna McIntosh, Elizabeth Taylor, Theda Bara, Beyoncé, Claudette Colbert, Tamara Dobson, Kim Kardashian West, Denis O’Hare.) Since 2017, I have run a module called ‘Cleopatras’ (the plural is intentional) in the Department of Classics at the University of Reading.  It is a 10-credit module, with ten hours of contact time, … Continue reading Teaching Cleopatra: Six Classroom Activities